Agios Nikitas Beach


Agios Nikitas is located 65km south of Heraklion, on the east side of the Asterousia Mountains. The most common way to get there is to drive in the dirt road that starts from the village Ahendrias and ends at the Monastery of St. Nikitas after 15km. The route runs along steep cliffs and wild sharp rocks.

The monastery is built on a high hill with breathtaking views to the Libyan Sea. The church of the monastery, dedicated to St. Nikitas, is built in a cave and dates back in 1640. The climate in the area is so dry, that you can see mango and avocado trees in the gardens of the monastery!

Inside the monastery there is a short path leading to the beach of Agios Nikitas with 230 steps. It is a beautiful pebbly beach with crystal clear and deep green waters. It is isolated and far from the comforts of the touristic areas. If you’re a fan of nudism, you must remember that nudism near monasteries is considered offensive to the monks.

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