The village and the beaches of Lendas in Crete


The small coastal village of Lendas is 73 kilometer south east of Heraklion, in  south Crete. The name Lendas derives from the word lion (liondas), because from high up the peninsula looks  like a lion. Lendas is an ancient Greek and Roman site, and has Byzantine churches and some excavations that you can visit.

Lendas is a cosy little village filled with flowers, friendly people, and t plenty of tavernas. For some people this has become a favourite destination on the island of Crete, because of the intimate town beach, the cosy atmosphere and the fact that it still has a feeling of being pretty unaffected by tourism. There’s peace and quiet there. In the evening there is a bit of entertainment but no really wild and crazy night life. This appeals to some people that mark it down as a favourite and want to return whenever they can.

The large picturesque and quiet sandy naturist beach with a few pebbles as well, is one of the largest beaches on the island where you can swim without your textiles!




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