The Village and the Beaches of Xerokampos in Southeast Crete


Xerokampos is located in the extreme southeast of Crete and can be reached from the substantial village of Ziros or from the village of Zakros which is more north. The roads are good here. Xerokampos is not really like a village or a beach, but it is more like a collection of different beaches, and groups of houses, a hotel, a pension, a few tavernas. The houses, the accommodations and the tavernas lie a bit scattered over the valley. There are three “main beaches” and  several other smaller in the area.

The village of Xerokampos doesn’t really have a center and the houses are spread out over the area, there are many beaches to choose from, and a taverna every here and there. There were quite a number of hotels, apartment buildings and pensions, but they are all small scaled, so no large hotel complexes.  The area of Xerokampos was already inhabited in prehistoric times. There are remains of an Minoan town (which has not yet been excavated) and a sanctuary.

Here, the landscape is arid and truly eerie, characterized by bare rocks and steep mountains. The vegetation is limited to bushes and there are some places with a few olive groves.

Xerokambos is ideal for relaxing holidays and is not suggested for party animals. Here you will enjoy the crystal clear unspoilt beaches. Some of them are the “Ambelos” beaches, Argilos beach and Vourlia.

Xerokampos Village on the map


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