Loutro in Sfakia, Crete


Loutro is a seaside village situated south of Chania, near Chora Sfakion. It is believed that Loutro was the site of the ancient city of Phoenix and the ancient port of Anopolis. Later, it became a winter port for Chora Sfakion, due to the fact that it’s bay is a natural harbor and ships can be safe there in a very bad weather.

Loutro is a base for visiting some wonderful beaches nearby, either by taxi boat, canoe or on foot. You can visit Timios Stavros, Pervolaki and the amazing beach of Glyka Nera east of the village. If you want to stay at Loutro, the pebbly beach there is a very good choice. It is always calm with deep blue and green color and well organised. You can also visit the beaches of Likos, Finikas and Marmara west of the village.

Loutro is a place for those people who want something different. Small, picturesque and not yet spoilt by mass tourism. No big hotels there and no overcrowded streets, restaurants and beaches… at Loutro there are no cars. The only access is by boat or by foot (1.5 hour hard trekking from Chora Sfakion).



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