Balos Beach in Chania – Crete


The famous Balos Beach is located at the northern side of Gramvousa Peninsula, at the western part of Chania in Crete. The beach is a peculiar geophysical formation consisting of a lagoon-like waterfront with pieces of sandy shore connecting it with the small mountain in front of the beach, called Cape Tigani. The beach has white sand with exotic turquoise and light green waters, making the scenery very tropical. The area around the beach is a protected Natura 2000 area  and is highly recommended for children due to its shallow waters and also for snorkeling.

How to get to Balos Beach:

  1. By car.  You will have to drive for 10km (45′ minutes) a rough dirt road before arriving to the parking area. After that, you will have to walk for about 30′ minutes and descend the hill that will lead you to the beach.
  2. Trekking.  For trekking lovers, Balos can be reached from Kaliviani settlement after about 3 hours walking.
  3. Ferry. The last and easiest way is to take the ferry from Kissamos. The ferry costs about 25 euros and is indeed the best solution. You will have the change to visit the island near Balos called “Iremi Gramvousa”.

Keep in mind that by car you will need to have a 4×4 vehicle because the road is really bad and you will also have to pay to the municipality 1 euro per person for maintenance reasons.



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